Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Foster, ulcers in horses and dropped pasterns

Jim's horse Foster may be dealing with ulcers, according to my muscle testing. I have started him on a couple tablespoons of Dynamite Miracle Clay an hour before each meal. He refuses to be dosed by syringe, so I mix his clay with a handful of hay pellets and water and feed it to him as a mush. He is already much calmer and happier at meal time, and his stretching, pawing, kicking and bucket rattling has stopped. We'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping this also helps him put on some weight.
Foster also came to us with dropped pasterns. His pasterns were parallel to the ground in back. He also had asymmetrical rear hooves. He had very vertical hoof walls on the inside quarters and extreme flairs on the outside quarters. I've been apply Dynamite Wound Balm to the calcium deposits on his rear fetlocks. The size of his fetlocks is shrinking, and his pasterns have risen. His hooves are also reshaping and getting more symmetrical walls.
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New members of the goat herd

We added a herd sire this spring. His name is Meadowinds Cocoa Puff (photo above). He is a polled (no horns) fainting goat buck.

We are also getting another doeling to cross with Oak Hill Dreamer. Her name is Goat Flower Farm Chocolate Truffle and she should be arriving this summer (photo above).