Monday, May 18, 2009

Links on vaccines and germ theory

I found these links while doing research for a client. I encourage all people who share their lives with various critters to form their own conclusions about appropriate care for the animals. These links present a viewpoint not as commonly seen in the media and schools.

Germ Theory:

Started by Pasteur and Beauchamp, the basic premise is that germs/bacteria/viruses cause disease. Pasteur admitted on his death bed that he had it wrong. Beauchamp and others continued the research and drew some interesting conclusions which turn the conventional medical model on its ear.


There is much discussion about the pros and cons of vaccination. I have done a variety of internet searches, and found that links discussing adverse reactions and vaccinosis were a bit more difficult to find. Here are a couple I found interesting:

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Fainting goat kids are here!

The first kids were born early in the morning Saturday May 9. Mimosa had 2: a boy and a girl.

Carlotta will kids any day now, and Chryanthemum will kid in August. The video is posted below.

As cute as he is, I will be selling the buckling to a good home. The doeling may be polled. If she is, I will likely sell her as well, as polled goats (naturally without horns) are usually bred to horned goats for genetic reasons, and our only horned buck is her daddy.

Go to for more pics, background on their bloodlines, and sales information.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wow, where did the time go?!?

My last post was back in March.

Much has been going on here. The Fainting Goats are due to kid any day now. Carlotta and Mimosa are huge - waddling around like they swalled a couple of basketballs. Watch here or on for updates on the kids!

Here at Oak Hill we are also completely redoing our pastures. Dynamite just came out with a new growth accelerant called CCF. With this product, I may be able to produce enough pasture for all 5 horses and the goat herd on roughly 3.5 acres. The CCF has tripled (and more) yield in a variety of crops. We are refencing, reseeding, adding runways to follow the paddock paradise principles of Pete Ramey and preparing to apply the first round of CCF. I'll track the pasture growth and post progress reports.

This is hoof trimming week as well, so all the horses are getting their pedicures.

Oak Hill is on Facebook now. Look for the badge/link on the right side of this page. Come visit us! All the horses have their own page on Horsebook in my profile.

The spring garden is planted, and getting a round of Dynamite Prescription Treatment.

Until next time, be happy and healthy!