Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

After some time off to finish projects before winter, and for the holidays, I'm back playing with the horses and goats.

Carolyn Resnick is offering a free winter course, which I've added to my play sessions. Watch for new posts about her Waterhole Rituals and the new exercises. www.carolynresnickblog.com
I'm also playing with the goats, teaching them some basic requests such as stand, back, no. www.workinggoats.com

Looking forward to a new year and new lessons with the critters!

Be well, and warm,


Pastures resting until spring 2010

The ground is frozen solid and covered with snow. The pastures are resting and regenerating until spring.
Come spring, I will be:

Meanwhile, the new fence charger works wonderfully and easily deters the goats and horses, even through their thick winter fur.
Happy New Year! Stay warm!