Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A stroll up the runway hill.

At Oak Hill the horses use runways for exercise, and pastures just for eating.  You can read more about runways and runway design at www.paddockparadise.com

Footing for pens and corrals

Screenings ready to spread
Dry, well-drained, clean footing is important for both the goats and the horses. At Oak Hill, we put down several tons of screenings in the horse corrals and sheds, the exercise pen and the goat night pens.
The skidloader made quick work of spreading the screenings
One side benefit of the screenings is that the horses and goats self-trim on this abrasive footing.
In the corral and shed
The other corral and shed
The goats' night pen
Another goat pen
feels pretty good on my feet too...