Sunday, September 7, 2014

3 horses, 3 training plans, same foundation. Step-by-step for you & your horse. Step 1 Just Being Together

Sugar, Lucky and Salty
3 very different horses

Lucky, featured previously on this blog, is an Arabian gelding in his mid-teens, very sensitive and intelligent. Lucky is easy to push away, and is quick to be turned off by aggression, strong cues or a reprimand.  Lucky is easy to call in to me, if I have his trust.  If I lose his trust, he has a long memory and is very slow to be willing again.  Lucky and I have been working together for several years now.

Sugar, a newer companion on my journey, is a Quarter Horse Mare.  9 years old, Sugar is a trained cutting horse who spent several years as a broodmare.  Very intelligent and sensitive, and also aloof and a bit insecure, Sugar knows her job but is very slow to trust and frankly, has not decided that humans are worth messing with yet.  Sugar is easy to send away, hard to call in, and generally reluctant to participate in a relationship.  Sugar and I have been hanging out for a year or so.

Salty is the newest member of our horse family.  Salty is another Quarter Horse mare.  Also 9 years old, Salty was injured during her initial breaking, and knows nothing beyond wearing a saddle and bridle.  Salty is very intelligent, calm and sensitive.  She loves people, and is always right there investigating everything.  Salty is a leader, curious, bold and the first to explore new things.  Salty is easy to call in, and VERY hard to send away.

As I've taking the last few months off while focusing on the writing the goat muscle testing book, and getting through the summer goat show season, I'm regrouping and reassessing where I am with all the horses.  I will be using the same basic principles to assess and work with each one, tweaking the program to suit their individual quirks.  My hope is that you, the reader, can follow along and apply these same basics to your own relationship with your horse.