Thursday, October 2, 2014

3 horses, 3 training plans - Step 2 walking together & playing

Sugar, Lucky and Salty
3 very different horses

Lucky, featured previously on this blog, is an Arabian gelding in his mid-teens, very sensitive and intelligent. Lucky is easy to push away, and is quick to be turned off by aggression, strong cues or a reprimand.  Lucky is easy to call in to me, if I have his trust.  If I lose his trust, he has a long memory and is very slow to be willing again.

Sugar is a Quarter Horse Mare.  9 years old, Sugar is a trained cutting horse who spent several years as a broodmare.  Very intelligent and sensitive, and also aloof and insecure, Sugar does her job out of obedience rather than volunteering.  Sugar is easy to send away, hard to call in, and generally reluctant to participate in a relationship.

Salty is a 9 year old Quarter Horse mare bred for reining.  Salty was injured during her initial breaking and was never ridden.  Salty is boss mare, very intelligent, calm and sensitive.  She loves people, and is always right there investigating everything.  Salty is a leader, curious, bold and the first to explore new things.  Salty is easy to call in, and VERY hard to send away.

In my last post I introduced what I consider to be your most important training tool - something to sit on.