Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tax time and pastures

You might be wondering at the title.  What does tax season have to do with pastures?
Well, for me, tax season also means looking back at all the expenses and income for the past year and looking for ways to improve the bottom line while keeping my animals healthy.

Hay is one of the biggest expenses at Oak Hill, and was even bigger this past year.  Therefore making the best use of our pastures for feed and exercise will improve our bottom line this coming year.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kidding Supplies - updated 2015

Goat Kidding Kit
by Carrie Eastman

With kidding season approaching, time to check the kidding kit.
Kidding is a time when emergency supplies mean the difference between life and death for both mom and kids, so I make sure to have these items ready.

Thermometer.  Kids must be at least 100 degrees F before nursing.

Ketone test strips.  Available at any pharmacy in diabetic supplies.  Best to have these during the pregnancy.

Homeopathic remedies, all 30C potency:
Cimicifuga - dilates cervix, for lack of progress at any stage of labor
Pulsatilla - turns kid if positioned incorrectly, no effect if kid is correct. 2 doses maximum, if it's going to work will work within a half hour.
Arnica - helps with swelling, bruising, sore muscles after
Carbo vegetabilis - given to the kids for blue babies and difficult births
Sepia - given to does that reject kids
colocythus - to doe to encourage labor