Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Annual Wellness Calendar For My Horses, Dogs, Goats & Cats

Here are the annual wellness programs for my own horses, dogs, cats and goats.  All items marked with an asterisk* are from Dynamite Specialty Products and can be found on the website 

My horses

Jan - March
prebiotic* as needed
Stop all supplements in feed except the prebiotic one day per week (free choices are still offered)

all supplements from Jan-March list
start 1 tsp diatomaceous earth/bentonite clay/digestive aid mix* at night (continue until first hard frost)

28 days herbal detoxification blend* (stop all other supplements except diatomaceous earth/bentonite/digestive aid blend and prebiotic) 
After detoxification, resume April program

same program as April

28 days herbal detoxification blend* (stop all other supplements except diatomaceous earth/bentonite/digestive aid blend and prebiotic) 
after detoxification, restart January program without diatomaceous earth mix

same program as Jan-March

Individual horses may need additional supplements at various times.  During parasite season, horses get the 7-day parasite cleanse as needed.​  Contact me for the 7-day recipe.

My goats

Their calendar has no months listed, as each farm (mine included) cycles around the breeding and kidding, which varies each year

Year-Round Basics - for bucks, does, kids
free choice calcium phosphorus mixes* in 1:1 and 2:1 ratios, natural trace mineral salt* or Redmond salt and naturally-chelated trace mineral blend with fulvic acids*
free choice amino acid-chelated vitamin/mineral mix* for browsers and grazers OR free choice amino acid-chelated vitamin/mineral mix* for horses (higher selenium and copper)

1 month before breeding season
herbal detoxifier blend* for 14 days at 1 tsp/40 lbs bodyweight, twice daily in feed

During breeding season
The year-round basics, plus 1 pinch amino acid-chelated vitamin/mineral mix* for horses topdressed for bucks and does

During pregnancy and lactation
The year-round basics, plus 1 pinch amino acid-chelated vitamin/mineral mix* for horses topdressed for the does only
diatomaceous earth/bentonite/digestive aid blend* and/or garlic and/or fresh pine and/or pumpkin seeds and/or Land Of Havilah Herbal Dewormer as needed for parasites

After weaning and before next pre-breeding cycle
Year-round basics for all goats
herbal detoxifier* blend for 14 days at 1 tsp/40 lbs bodyweight, twice daily in feed

My Dogs

This or this daily topdressed amino acid-chelated vitamin/mineral mix*
Good quality grain-free chemical-free canola-free dog food (ask me about my favorite)
prebiotic* as needed

May and October
herbal detoxifier blend* for 28 days (stop other supplements

June, July, August, September
7 day parasite cleanse (stop other supplements). Ask me for the recipe.

My Cats

Good quality grain-free chemical-free dry cat food (would use wet if indoors)
I may add a pinch of diatomaceous earth/bentonite/digestive aid blend* or montmorrillonite clay* if the cats muscle test for it.

*All Dynamite products may be ordered from 
or contact your Dynamite distributor

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or American Veterinary Medical Association, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your veterinarian about any changes to your animal’s health program.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Joan Ranquet & animal communication

In the last few months, I have blogged about a new level of communication between myself and my horse herd.
All my life I dreamed of having the kind of relationship with horses that is portrayed in the Walter Farley Black Stallion series, or in The Man From Snowy River movie.  Now I'm actually building that.  Fun!
Recently, I started having more confidence in the messages I've been getting from the horses for a while. The more confidence I develop, the more clear and frequent the messages are becoming.  I had still sometimes failed to hear what they were saying, or struggled to hear clearly.  And I was only hearing the horses and goats, not my other animals (or so I thought).

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Farrier, equine podiatrists, barefoot trimmer resources

I've been asked by clients to put together a list of trimmers in the areas I serve, as well as post online resources and a discussion of how I trim my own horses.

I have researched many different trimming methods over the past few years.  I have cherry picked from each method the techniques that most helped my own horses and muscle tested well for them.  You will notice that my list includes different approaches to trimming, and even approaches that contradict each other.  Again, I have taken what resonated for me and my herd.  I encourage you to make your own informed choices based on muscle testing, function and results.  Here is a collection of websites that I found educational:

Barefoot For Soundness
Jaime Jackson
Pete Ramey
American Association Of Natural Hoofcare Practitioners
The Horse's Hoof
ABC Hoofcare
Penzance Equine