Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fencing at Oak Hill

I'm in the process of updating all the fencing, so this is a great time to revisit the principles and materials.  For those new to this blog, we are fencing in goats and horses and a livestock guardian dog, and fencing out stray dogs and predators.

There are five types of fences at Oak Hill:
The perimeter  fence is permanent and keeps all the animals from leaving the property, and keeps predators from entering.  This fence must be goat and horse proof, and strong.
The fence that divides the runways and pastures  must be horse and goat proof but does not have to contain the livestock dog and keep predators out. The goats are not allowed in the same encloser with the horses, as they could get trampled by a horse by accident.
The third type of fence surrounds the goat pens and must be goat and predator proof.
The fourth type of fence encloses the horse corrals.
The fifth type of fence is used for intensive rotation grazing.  It must be portable and goat proof.